Reservation Policy

You can make your reservation by submitting the online reservation form.

All MMSA meetings require MANDATORY reservations. Just submit the reservation form from this web site.  Once we receive your online registration form, we guarantee your reservation to the facility, which means that we have guaranteed that we will pay them whether the meals are eaten or not.  Therefore, if you make a reservation and do not show, you WILL BE BILLED.  You can notify MMSA to sell your reservation by 8:30 am the day of the meeting by contacting the Vice-President.  Reservations made after the deadline will go on a waiting list.   Reservations not claimed by 10 minutes after dinner has started, may be sold to someone on the waiting list.  If MMSA fails to sell your reservation, you WILL BE BILLED.  Members may attend with no meal at no cost; non-members with no meal will be charged $10.00.

Last modified Monday, September 15, 2003