January 2008 Monthly Meeting

January 15, 2008


 SQL Procedures and Functions, Please
Kevin Forsythe
of DMC Consulting, Inc.

Learning to create your own SQL procedures and functions provides a tremendous increase in your flexibility when developing new applications. Stored procedures allow us to hide complex code for reuse, security and flexibility.

Functions provide the ability to extend the SQL language to performs task uniquely designed for your environment.  This often allows much simpler integration with legacy applications.  Procedures and functions can be written in an SQL syntax, or on the System i where you can also develop them in high-level languages such as RPGIV.


Kevin Forsythe has over 20 years of experience on the iSeries and other platforms as programmer, analyst, consultant, and instructor.  He blends a wide range of experiences with a passion for teaching, and is a published author.  His works include "SQL for eServer and i5", coauthoring "IBM i5/iSeries Primer, Fourth Editon", as well as numerous articles. 

Kevin speaks regularly at user group meetings and conferences and is a member of COMMON's Speaker Hall of Fame.  He also develops training material and provides instructor-led training through his employer, DMC Consulting, Inc.