November 2007 Monthly Meeting

November 20, 2007

** Double Session with Trevor Perry **


Architecting Modernization

The Information Technology industry is undergoing continual transformation.  Traditional legacy application development remains popular, and maintenance of legacy systems remains a major portion of IT work. At the same time, new technologies, methodologies, hardware and software appear at light speed.

While vendors develop sales pitches for related offerings, there are few sources to help you understand the big picture. IT executives are asking questions like "Why do we need middleware?", "How do we optimize our IT?",
"How do I retain my legacy investment?", "Which is better, J2EE or Net?", "Where do we start?", and so on.

These questions relate to the modernization of the enterprise. Trevor's presentation outlines a framework to understand Enterprise Modernization and focus on a higher level of IT strategy. He answers these questions with
relevance to a company's needs, applications, platforms and direction.

Trevor will give you the details of several customer modernization efforts, showing you how to take advantage of the introduced framework. These stories of practical efforts will equip you with an approach that can be adopted to suit your own company and IT organization.

Trevor will also outline the modernization methodology he has developed.  
This methodology has been developed in order to meet the needs of IT organizations wishing to leverage their investment in System i, and move forward into the future of IT.

How to be an IT Survivor

Do you know that your job will look like in 5 years? 10 years? Will you be kicked off the island? Are you the weakest link? The IT industry is fueled by change and requires both ourselves and our companies to adapt quickly.

This session is a discussion of topics that can assist you in being an IT survivor. A review of past trends may give us clues to maintaining current skills and developing new skills. This will allow us to remain competitive as individuals and drive our businesses in the right direction for a future of change.

Be prepared to challenge your status quo, and leave with new ideas on how to become flexible enough to adjust quickly to new trends and directions and ensure your survival.


Trevor Perry has been a consultant in the midrange industry for over 20 years. He is currently CTO at KMR Systems Corporation, an ISV based on Long
Island, New York.

To indulge himself outside of the workplace, Trevor is a part time professional speaker, writer, emcee, actor, director, and poet and is on a lifelong search for the ultimate coffee bean.

He has been a popular speaker at industry conferences and user groups for ten years on many technical and keynote subjects, and forges new trails with his motivational sessions. Trevor has won several speaking awards -
including a COMMON gold medal with his session titled "Get A Life!".

Trevor's unique sense of humor and presentation style are one of the many reasons audiences return to his sessions. His Australian heritage, diverse consulting background, acting and improvisational experiences provide Trevor
with a rare viewpoint that is entertaining and always informative.