September Monthly Meeting

September 18, 2007

 Data Encryption

Patrick will discuss the current state of data encryption and key management technologies for the IBM System i platform and how companies are working to secure their sensitive data. He will also discuss the direction of the regulatory environment regarding data security and answer questions about technical and compliance issues. Patrick will be available for one-on-one consultations following the user group meeting.


Patrick Townsend is President of Patrick Townsend & Associates. His company provides data encryption and secure data transfer solutions for the IBM System i and other Enterprise server platforms. Patrick has been active in the Enterprise software and services arena for many years starting with the IBM System 36 in 1980. The company now serves Enterprise customers across a wide variety of industry segments including Retail, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Health, and Hospitality. Patrick's company is a founding member of the PCI Security Vendor Association and participates in a number of industry security initiatives.




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