June 2007 Monthly Meeting

June 19, 2007

 Be "GUI ready" developing in RPG


RPG developers won’t want to miss this presentation.  The trend is to put GUI interfaces to our applications that are running on the Systems i.   This can be done using CGI, PHP, Java Server Faces (JSP) and other technologies.   The approach is the same for us RPG developers, no matter which of these technologies you use.   Come to this meeting and learn where you need to be when developing applications in the System i.   It is very important that you adopt this methodology if you want to minimize the effort for your future development and be “GUI ready”.


Mr. Robert Arce has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry.  He holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science, a technical degree in Auditing of Systems, and he is an IBM Certified Specialist.

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Arce founded a professional services firm, PrismaTech, Inc., which focuses on assisting small and medium sized companies with their IT resource needs.  He has great expertise in designing and developing applications, especially for the manufacturing, sales and distribution environments.

He is an active member of the MMSA users group where he serves as the Vice-President.



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