May 2007 Monthly Meeting

May 15, 2007

 i5 Announcement Overview

IBM has made a number of announcements in 2007 that
continue to make the System i the leading I/T platform in the industry. You may not have seen all the new material, and there
is a LOT of it, especially for SMB customers. Or, you may have
seen or read about the material, but not really have thought about the gotchas or other holes in the plan. Some of the new things,
like user based i5OS, are a little confusing.

Or perhaps you are just curious as to what it means for you and your company. This presentation will take you through the details of the new announcements and ensure that you know all the specifics of how it might affect your shop.

There are some very interesting twists in the new announcements
that might prove to be beneficial for you to know as you make plans for the rest of the year.


Doug Fulmer joined IBM in 1975 in Little Rock, Arkansas. He spent 14 years in the branch office there as a midrange Systems Engineer working on S/3,S/32, S/34, S/36, S/38 and AS/400 systems. He focused on banking and manufacturing applications and served as the branch specialist for RPG programming, PC connectivity and communications. In 1988 he joined the Kansas City Area Systems Center as an AS/400 specialist, working primarily in the areas of application development, host communications and PC connectivity.

He worked for the Minneapolis and Dallas Area Systems Centers in similar capacity plus Image Integration and Workflow before joining the AS/400 Competency Center in Dallas in 1991 where he specialized in Client Server application development. In 1993 he joined the AS/400 brand team as World Wide Segment Manager for DB2/400. In 1996 he became part of the group that brought the IBM Network Station to market, then returned to the AS/400 Division as the World Wide Segment Manager for Application Development Tools and Middleware in June of 1998. The focal point of that job was creating and managing the Tools Network - a program designed to identify and position over 800 products from IBM and its business partners that iSeries customers could utilize for various application development and systems management tasks.

In 2002, he joined the iSeries brand sales team as World Wide Sales Executive for e-business Infrastructure. His areas of specialty
included WebSphere and other e-business products on iSeries and Application Development/Modernization. He consulted with customers all over the world on IT Optimization, strategies for modernizing their iSeries applications, and ways to deploy            e-business applications on iSeries systems.

Doug has presented regularly at COMMON, where he is a Speaker of Merit, as well as the iSeries Technical Conference, iSeries User Groups, ITSO Forums, the Rochester Briefing Center and other
partner conferences. He joined Clear Technologies as a Consulting Systems Architect in May of 2006, where he works with customers of all sizes on application design and development, high availability/disaster recovery, Windows Integration, infrastructure planning and System i technology planning.

Email address: DFulmer@cleartechnologies.net




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