April 2007 Monthly Meeting

April 17, 2007

Advanced Concepts in RPG-CGI

So, you’ve created your first RPG-CGI web pages to deliver static reports to your users over your intranet. Now what?!? The logical next step is to allow the users to input data through the same medium, but how? CGI enables you to do that and much more. From mail-forms and counter programs, to the most complex programs that generate entire websites on-the-fly, CGI programs deliver a broad spectrum of content on the web today.

This presentation is designed to give you some insight into the possibilities available on the web to i5 developers today. We'll cover some advanced topics, such as writing forms that use different types of input elements, using cookies, redirection, and other useful CGI tricks. Things that you've may have thought were beyond your reach.


Michael Daly has been gainfully employed writing RPG applications for the last 14 years. He has spent the last 6+ years as a  Consultant with KS2 Technologies, Inc., here in the Metroplex, and he loves his job.

As an IBM Certified Specialist in RPG IV Development, Michael has been designing and creating intranets and interactive web pages for the last five years using the techniques shown in this presentation.

Michael can be reached at mdaly@ks2inc.com.



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