March 2007 Monthly Meeting

March 20, 2007

Getting Started with IBM HTTP Server Powered by Apache
and CGI

Chris Adair

Are you still printing those month end reports ? You know the ones everybody needs and nobody reads, except for the last page. 

Well, to get started with the Apache HTTP Server, we can configure an Apache server instance to display these static reports from the IFS as PDF's.  We'll go through the basic configuration to create and start a new server.  Then, direct it to look at some PDF's we have stored in the IFS.

Does upper management at your company ever sign on to a 5250 session ?  And they want dynamic data ? 

CGI is the place you need to be.  Convert those RPG programs to CGI and let them point and click all day.  With a little help from our HTML friends, we can design some basic pages that are full of valuable System i data, pulled straight from our ERP. 


Chris Adair has over 15 years experience developing applications on the System i.  Most of which has been here in Dallas where he is a Director of Information Systems for New York based National Envelope.  At National Envelope, Chris is responsible for the maintenance and development of the manufacturing, distribution, and financials for 3 divisions.

As an IBM Certified Developer, Chris not only enjoys learning the newer technologies, but also applying those newer technologies and techniques to existing applications.

You can reach Chris at cadair@natenv.com.



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