October 2006 Monthly Meeting

October 17, 2006

Presented by
Greg Helton of Countrywide Mortgage

Using Java to Extend Your Knowledge of the iSeries

  JNI (Java Native Interface) is one of several solutions Java has for communicating with the outside world.  On the iSeries, ILE service program subprocedures are the endpoints JNI communicates with.  Integrating Java classes and RPG service programs with JNI can be easy and beneficial.  JNI allows you to reuse components you may have already developed and it can introduce you to the component-based style of development.  

In this discussion, we will cover the RPG keywords and parameters required for procedures being called from via JNI, we will investigate using Java from both the QCMD and QSHELL environments on the iSeries, we will resolve classpath issues and we will introduce the JUnit unit test component to show how to integrate other Java components into an application.  

Learning Java is a wonderful goal by itself but, by integrating what you learn with the iSeries' support for Java, you'll also encounter much about the iSeries that you may not have known before.  



Greg Helton is a Sun Certified Java Developer and a 18 year veteran IBM midrange developer.  He has been been with Countrywide Mortgage for 7 years.  Greg has written articles for iSeries Magazine.




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