July 2006 Monthly Meeting

July 18, 2006

Presented by
Alison Butterill of IBM

WDSc: The Remote System Explorer

The Remote System Explorer (RSE) is the component of WDSc that allows a developer to explore application code, and explore file systems on many platforms, including the i5. As well, RSE is the 21st Century way to create and maintain traditional applications. It replaces the world of PDM, SEU, SDA, etc. Other key benefits include improving programmer productivity and morale, offloading host development workload and allowing existing applications to be maintained more effectively. This session will introduce you to the many powerful features of the Remote System Explorer.


Alison is an IBM Certified Consulting I/T Specialist working for the eServer iSeries ISV WebSphere Enablement Team. She has worked in the mid-range area for more than 25 years holding a wide variety of positions at IBM, from field support to Technical Education to Technical Marketing of WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries. During her career, Alison has continually specialized in the areas of application development and database.  In her present position, Alison provides worldwide technical support to ISVs and customers on programming languages and WebSphere Development tools for the iSeries. Developing and promoting one of the iSeries key initiatives, the iSeries Developer Roadmap is a key component in her current responsibilities. Alison is a regular speaker at technical conferences and COMMON conferences around the world and holds numerous Speaker Excellence medals from COMMON North America.



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