June 2006 Monthly Meeting

June 20, 2006

Presented by
Trevor Perry of Clear Technologies

SOA - Not Just Another TLA !

Once upon a time, programmers were given a new language called RPGIV, and a new environment named ILE,
for their development work. It offered a chance to develop applications using more modular techniques. Some of those programmers chose to use the new environment and learned new things including activation groups and service modules. The more they learned, the more time they had to focus on the applications and the less time they focused on maintenance and re-coding.

Many other programmers chose to play only with the new features of the RPG language and to this day remain unaware of the advantages of ILE. They have not discovered that modularization provides more efficient code development.

They have not discovered that code re-use can reduce the effort required for building application systems.
They have not discovered how integrating applications can be much simpler when using a modular approach.

Today, a new modular architecture called Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) has been thrust into the IT industry limelight. SOA adds a business view to IT development along with the concept of modularizing business applications into recognizable services. We are at a new intersection; a point where companies can either (left fork) continue the same old linear approach to coding and development, or (right fork) adopt an SOA approach to gain advantage of modularizing business processes using IT.

Will you learn the lessons of ILE? In this session, Trevor will review SOA with a demonstration like you could never imagine. You will leave with a clearer understanding of exactly what SOA is, how SOA can help your business, and what choices you have in building SOA using the iSeries.


Trevor Perry, a globally recognized application and enterprise modernization expert, has been a consultant in the midrange industry for over 20 years. He is currently an I.T. Strategist and Systems Architect at Clear Technologies.

He has been a popular speaker at industry conferences and user groups on many technical, strategic and keynote subjects.  In the last few years, Trevor has forged a new trail with his approach to enterprise modernization and IT strategy, challenging the status quo of traditional methodologies and simplifying the paths towards the future.

Trevorís unique sense of humor and presentation style are one of the many reasons audiences return to his sessions. His Australian heritage, diverse consulting background, acting and improvisational experiences provide Trevor with a rare viewpoint that is entertaining and always informative.




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