April 2006 Monthly Meeting

April 18, 2006

Work Management on the iSeries

Presented by
Tom Huntington
Help/Systems, Inc.

Have you ever wondered why a batch or interactive job ends up running in a certain subsystem? Would you like to be able to separate different types of System i5 (iSeries) jobs into their own memory pools? Do you know anything about routing entries or classes?

 Many people in our business puzzle over these confusing issues because work management is an area that most users just donít have time to become familiar with.  During this session, Iíll reveal the answers to why your job runs where it does, describe the differences between pools, and clarify what a routing entry and a class are.  Along the way, Iíll also answer your questions, share stories from more than 20 years of experience, and hand out some fun Robot toys and special prizes.

Meanwhile, youíll learn the following:


The components of Work Management.


A Step-by-Step approach to setting up work management


The commands that help you improve performance



Tom Huntington, Vice-President of Technical Services at Help/Systems, Inc., is a 17-year veteran of the company. He oversees technical alliances, public relations, business partners, and large customer relationships.  He ensures the Robot Automated Operations Solution works with other major software and hardware vendors.  Tom often hosts online webinars, too.

Tom speaks on automation topics, iSeries technology, and Help/Systems products.  He has spoken at several COMMON conferences and writes articles for leading trade journals.  The topics cover work management, security, automated operations, and backup/recovery.  Also, he has spoken on Robot/Schedule, the iSeries job scheduler, and the batch management system.




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