March 2006 Special Session

Friday, March  24, 2006
1 pm - 5 pm

Web Technologies and Development Tools
 on the iSeries

Presented by
Don Yantzi
of IBM Toronto

This project can be can imported using the project interchange import  wizard in WDSc.  The presentation and files to be downloaded are at the bottom of this web page.

1.  Switch to the Java perspective in WDSc.
2.  Click File > Import, then select the "Project Interchange" option and
click Next.
3.  Enter the path to the attached zip.
4.  Select the and click finish. Select the Demo project

Once this project is imported we will have to change the connection to the iSeries.   You have two choices to do this:

1.  Directly edit the file under WebContent > WEB-INF > defaultPCW.config  and  change the values (this is a text file).  Note:  You will need to change
the WDT_PASSWORDENCODING_ENABLE to false and enter the password unencoded.

2.  Launch the Program Call Bean Wizard again and have it generate the new files with the new information.  To do this:

a)  Select the file Java Resources > JavaSource > >
b)  Select File > New > Other menu then select iSeries > Java > Program Call Bean and click Next.
c)  Click Next again
d)  On the second page of the wizard make sure to deselect "Services" and select "Java application"
e)  On the "Configure Authentication" enter the new information then click Finish.
f)  Click Yes the warning.

That regenerates all the Java code and defaultPCW.config file with the new authentication information.

3 files to be downloaded:

1 - Slides_2Up is the presentation as a PDF file

2 - Wdscdemo.savf is the save library to be restored to the iSeries

3 - Mmsa_demo_zip contains the project to be imported using the project interchange import wizard in WDSc.