January 2006 Monthly Meeting

January 17, 2006

How to Build a Better You

Presented by
Bryan Dodge

The program focuses on three key areas.  The first will be how to have your best year ever. The second will be how to create consistent upward growth in your life.  The third will be the benefits of a powerful memory.

This program is informative, entertaining, and includes demonstrations of memory techniques and strategies known only to a handful of America's top professionals.



Bryan Dodge is one of the leadings experts on professional selling, success habits of the wealthy, and memory development.  

After graduating from Nebraska State University, Bryan toured Europe as a recipient of the "Mac Award" from Elanco, the pharmaceutical division of Eli Lilly.  

Bryan founded Results, Inc., a company that promoted success seminars featuring the best national trainers and CEO's.  He also developed a marketing system that delivered in-house workshops and public seminars.

Contact information:

Office:  972-780-7459
Fax:  972-572-9401
Email:  bryan@results.com



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