July 2005 Monthly Meeting

July 19, 2005

 Performance Tuning Stupidity !
Presented by
Trevor Perry
of Clear Technologies

One of the most neglected and misused work management tasks for an iSeries is performance tuning. The primary cause is the mis-information that is being spread about the "art" of tuning. Performance tuning is not about making a system run faster, but balancing the workload according to the requirements being placed on your iSeries.

This session exposes the myths and uncovers the truth of performance tuning. Basic performance tuning skills are relatively straightforward with an improved understanding of work management. Add to that an easy tuning methodology, and you will leave this session with a process to apply to your system - with the end result being a more balanced iSeries workload.


Trevor has been a consultant in the midrange industry for twenty years. He is currently a pre-sales system architect for Clear Technologies. He is a popular and award-winning speaker at industry conferences and user groups on many technical, motivational and keynote subjects. He has won
gold, silver and bronze medals for his sessions at COMMON.

Trevor's unique sense of humor and presentation style are two of the many reasons audiences return to his sessions. His Australian heritage, diverse consulting background, acting and improvisational experiences provide Trevor with a rare viewpoint that is entertaining and always informative.

To indulge himself outside of the workplace, Trevor is a part-time professional speaker, writer, actor, director, and poet and is on a lifelong search for the ultimate coffee bean.