February 2005 Monthly Meeting

February 15, 2005

 eServer i5 and i5/OS,
Today and Tomorrow 

Presented by
Kendall Kinnear
  of Clear Technologies

IBM has made some radical changes in the system we all love.  Kendall will review the current i5 Servers and i5/OS V5R3 to pull together the myriad of IBM announcements in 2004 and so far in 2005.  Kendall will also share his views on the future of the iSeries and i5/OS over the next few years based on his experience on the system and his many contacts in the industry.


Kendall Kinnear is a Solutions Architect for Clear Technologies in Dallas, Texas.  Kendall has 30 years of experience on the IBM midrange, from the System/3 through the System/34 and System/38, to the iSeries server.  He brings substantial experience from his tenure at companies like IBM, EDS, StorageTek, and Jack Henry and Associates.   He has been a Systems Programmer, Application Designer, educator, and speaker.  He has co-authored the iSeries Handbook and System Builder for IBM from V4R2 through V5R1.

O. Kendall Kinnear

Consulting iSeries Architect


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