November 2004 Monthly Meeting

November 16, 2004

Using the iSeries to Send HTML Formatted Email 

Presented by
Raymond A. Everhart of 
RAECO Design 

One of the easiest ways to distribute information is via email. The various types of content that can be incorporated into email makes it an especially powerful tool for communication and collaboration. It is now common practice for the shipment of an order to generate an email with a tracking number and a link to the carrier’s tracking page. These automated emails usually contain images, formatted data and links to web sites. This level of functionality is accomplished using HTML in the body of the email.

At the November meeting we will:

Examine the RFC 822 email standard.
Discuss SNADS vs SMTP for message delivery.
Examine the QtmmSendMail API.
"Walk through" a working RPG application.
Demonstrate the sample code on a live system.

Leveraging this technology is another example of how you can effectively "modernize" your iSeries application by building on a proven foundation.


Raymond Everhart has over 18 years of IT experience with IBM midrange computers. He was a consultant, programmer, and educator for an IBM premier business partner in Upstate New York for 10 years, before relocating to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in 1998. Since then, Raymond has been helping local companies implement new technologies with his consulting, programming and mentoring services.

E-mail reverhart@raecodesign.com



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