May 2004 Monthly Meeting

May 18, 2004

Paradox of Data Storage 

Presented by
Tim Kormos of LXI Corporation 

The Paradox of Data Storage: The data you store can be used against you in a court of law.
The status of the data being stored on backup tapes is becoming as much a liability as an asset to IT management.  This presentation examines the differences between storing data for recovery purposes, regulatory compliance and implementing sound record retention practice as part of litigation avoidance.  Attendees will gain a clear understanding of how their disaster recovery backups can be subpoenaed as material evidence in civil and criminal investigations.  Additionally, listeners will receive simple guidelines for examining what’s being stored on tape, how long it should be kept, and what to do with it once it is no longer needed.  Establishing solid disaster recovery strategies along with reliable record retention polices are essential parts of a comprehensive storage management program.  Regardless of a company's size, the topics covered in this presentation will aid in addressing the paradox of data storage.
Tim Kormos is the Product Marketing Manager at LXI Corporation representing advanced storage networking solutions for the iSeries and open systems. Tim has over 7 years of focused experience in the data networking and storage industry. This includes High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and compliance planning.

Prior to join LXI, Tim held key roles in successfuly design, development and implementation of AS/400 disaster recovery plans, customer financial systems, direct marketing fulfillment applications, and non-profit fund raising packages for TRW, Inc.

Tim has 22 years of IT experience covering all aspects of PC, midrange and mainframe platforms.  Tim is a current member of the advisory board for Search400 and is interviewed regularly by the iSeries on-line press.

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