April 2004 Monthly Meeting

April 20, 2004

Get to Know WiFi 
Presented by
Cameron Crum
 of Dot11 Networks

Within the past 5 years, a new high-speed wireless technology known as "Wi-Fi" has been gaining popularity both in the corporate and commercial retail markets. This technology, which allows computers to communicate in an unlicensed spectrum at data rates better than or equal to a hard line connection is being used in a wide variety of applications from unwiring corporate networks, to selling high speed internet service to rural parts of America. Virtually anywhere you might travel these days from coffee shops, to airports, to hotels, to conference centers, high speed wireless connectivity is being offered. You can even buy wireless routers for your home to unwire yourself. The applications for using the technology are wide ranging and the potential for growth not only in the wi-fi industry itself, but also for those who can maximize the potential benefits of the technology is tremendous.



Cameron Crum is the founder and VP of Operations at Dot-11 Networks, a wireless internet service provider serving both the private residential markets and the and multi-family industry based out of Fort Worth, Texas. Mr. Crum has a diverse background in wireless communications system design and optimization. Mr. Crum has designed and optimized hundreds of wireless communications sites in three different countries and also co-founded Wave Concepts International, an engineering consulting and software company. Mr. Crum has a particular technology background in analog cellular, TDMA, IS-95 CDMA, CDMA 1xRTT, CDMA 1xEVDO, GSM, and the IEEE 802.11 standards. Mr. Crum co-authored Athena, a second generation RF Planning and Optimization software suite. Mr. Crum has additional particular experience at Sprint Cellular, Fluor Daniel Telecom, Mobile Systems Intentional, Carlson Technologies, and Agilent Technologies. In addition to his duties at Dot-11 Networks, Mr. Crum currently serves as CTO, RF Engineering Manager, and Product Manager for Wave Concepts International. Mr. Crum holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Mexico.

Contact information:
Cameron Crum
VP Operations
Dot11 Networks, Inc.
2611 Ryan Place Dr.
Fort Worth, TX  76110



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