March 2004 Monthly Meeting

March 16, 2004

WebSphere Development Studio 
Live Demonstration

Presented by
Doug Fulmer & Don Yantzi
of IBM 

iSeries customers and solution providers should be moving to the WebSphere Development Studio, whether they are working on traditional or new workload applications. Perhaps you'd like to make the jump but have no idea how to use the tolls or even what they look like.

Attend tonight for a complete look at the tools.  IBM's Doug Fulmer will provide a short overview of the tools, position them and describe how they are bundled and priced.

Then Don Yantzi, a Toronto developer on the WDS team  will spend an hour or so showing you LIVE how to work on RPG applications (see why the WDS editor is better than SEU and PDM), create web applications and connect to DB2 using a database wizard (see how easy this really is). Also, take a quick look at building Java servlets.

 Ask your questions directly to the lab developers.

This is a 'don't miss' session.  We will use an Internet Sametime connection to see live demonstrations of these new iSeries tools.

Doug Fulmer

Internet e-mail: dfulmer@us.ibm.com

WW Sales Exec, iSeries e-business Infrastructure

Office: 972-724-0288


Doug joined IBM in 1974 in Little Rock, Arkansas.  He spent 14 years there as a midrange Systems Engineer working on S/3, S/32, S/34, S/36, S/38 and AS/400.

In 1988, he joined the Kansas City Area Systems Center as an AS/400 specialist, working primarily in the areas of communications and PC connectivity.  He worked for the Minneapolis and Dallas Area Systems Centers in similar capacity before joining the AS/400 Competency Center in 1991 where he specialized in Client Server application development.

In 1993, he joined the AS/400 brand team as Segment Manager for DB2/400.

In 1996, he became part of the group that brought the IBM Network Station to market.  Then he returned to the AS/400 Division as the worldwide Segment Manager for Application Development Tools and Middleware in June of 1998. The focal point of that job was creating the Tools Network program.

In 2002, he joined the iSeries brand marketing team as World Wide Sales Executive for e-business Infrastructure.



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