May 2003 Monthly Meeting

May 20, 2003

 Writing CGI Applications with Perl
on the iSeries/AS400 

Presented by
David Mount of Texas400 Computer Consulting  

Perl is free !  Perl is one of the most widely used languages for Internet development.  You can download the free Perl processor and write simple Perl programs to read CGI data from browsers, read iSeries databases and write dynamic HTML. 

Outline of Presentation:

Using iSeries as a web server

Installing Perl on your iSeries

"Hello World" written in Perl

CGI programming

Getting parameters from an HTML form

Using SQL to read a database

Writing dynamic HTML

Getting parameters from an HTML link



David Mount is owner of Texas400 Computer Consulting, a consulting business in Lewisville, Texas.

His experience includes 10 years of mainframe COBOL and CICS and 10 years of iSeries/AS400 applications programming.  He has experience with RPG III, RPG IV, COBOL, Visual Basic, Active Server Pages, ProGen Websmart, XML and Perl.

David is an iSeries/AS400 evangelist.  His website www.texas400.com offers free iSeries access to anyone wanting to learn about the iSeries.




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