April 2003 Monthly Meeting

April 15, 2003

 Websphere & Webfacing 
How To Modernize Applications 
Without Rewriting Them 

Presented by
Raymond Everhart   

IBM wants you to use Websphere. Over the next year, IBM will be spending $500 million dollars to put Websphere based solutions in front of Small/Medium sized businesses. One of the technologies that continues to generate the most interest is Webfacing.

Some of the questions that will be answered are:

What are Websphere and Webfacing?
What is the cost of Webfacing?
What does Webfacing mean to your shop?
How do you implement a Webfaced application?
Should Webfacing be part of your IT strategy?

The presentation will include a live demonstration of the complete Webfacing process.

Proposed Outline:


Overview of Websphere

View / Controller / Model design methodology

Webfacing Overview

The cost of Webfacing



Review of the 5250/"Green Screen" application

Running the Webfacing Wizard

Deploying your application.

Running the Webfaced application

Extending the functionality of the webfaced application.


Companies of varying size to implement solutions meeting their needs.


For over 17 years Raymond Everhart has been a consultant and programmer for IBM midrange systems. Raymond began developing e-business applications  in 1995 and has been involved in promoting e-business development with  IBM in Upstate New York. In addition to developing and providing classroom and mentored education in advanced RPG IV topics, Raymond is a contributing editor to the Midrange Programmer newsletter. Raymond can be reached at reverhart@raecodesign.com.



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