February 2003 Monthly Meeting

February 18, 2003

 Maximize ROI from Your Disaster Recovery Solution 

Presented by
Rob Humbach of Lakeview Technologies  

Like many organizations, your may view your Disaster Recovery solution as an insurance policy to guard against the improbable likelihood of a major catastrophe. This expense drains on your organization and is a "necessary evil" which you hopefully will never utilize. Wouldn't it make more sense to invest in a more versatile Disaster Recovery solution, which provides a predictable Return on Investment without the Disaster?
Find out how to make this possible!

Take the first step to Maximizing the ROI from your Disaster Recovery solution.

Learn how to properly define your recovery expectations.
Hear about common misconceptions in the Disaster Recovery marketplace today.
Discover the pro's and cons of common DR Solutions, including Tape Backup, Hot Site Backup Recovery Centers, Data Vaulting, SAN, and MIMIX High Availability Software solutions.
See how to calculate the daily recovery of your Disaster Recovery investment to eliminate predictable and costly planned downtime.

Witness the results of companies who have found Millions of Dollars in ROI from their High Availability solutions.


Rob Humbach has been in the field of Managed Availability for nearly five years. During that time Mr Humbach has worked with numerous companies of varying size to implement solutions meeting their requirements. Mr. Humbach is certified by IBM through its Shark Certification program on the iSeries and has sold solutions for the p, x and z series machines as well. Mr. Humbach has a Master Degree from the University of Colorado and has been a speaker on numerous availability topics to user groups all over the country.



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