November 2002 Monthly Meeting

November 19, 2002

 Unit Test Scripts for ILE RPG Procedures

Presented by
Greg Helton of Countrywide Home Loans  

Testing to achieve high quality software is like the weather - often 
talked about but seldom does anyone do anything about it. Although 
languages have evolved, testing is often still done as it was twenty or 
more years ago - system tests and "running it by the users".  Java 
developers in the open-source movement have recently produced JUNIT, a testing framework. With JUNIT, the programmer expresses how he intends his code to work and then JUNIT verifies that behavior. 

This presentation will describe a testing strategy in which software 
errors in ILE RPG can be easily identified. Simple applications written 
exclusively for the testing environment work in conjunction with the 
"UnitTest" module to allow you to verify the behavior of your software. 

Greg is a Senior Software Systems Engineer at Countrywide Home Loans. He has been a developer on IBM midrange systems for 15 years using all flavors of RPG plus Cobol and, more recently, Java. Career highlights include - creating a Rules System in ILE RPG based on recursive procedures and procedure pointers, writing the white paper for Countrywide's use of Java based Rules Systems, designing a rule system for Countrywide that is based on tabular SQL statements, and rolling out the hardware and software of a network of 1300 AS/400s for American General Finance.  In his three years at Countrywide Home Loans Greg has worked on projects that involve a mix of Java and ILE RPG including supporting the mortgage payment application on the corporate web site, www.countrywide.com. 

Prior to his IT career, Greg operated nuclear power plants on United 
States Navy submarines. 



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