October 2002 Monthly Meeting

October 15, 2002

 ILE Component Programming Reference 

 Presented by

Ric Slaten of Countrywide Home Loans 

This presentation will show you how the Integrated Language Environment (ILE) components such as procedures, service programs and binding directories can be used to implement an N-tier developed application.

The ILE supports a component based methodology which may be used by a developer to implement an N-Tier application. The 3-Tier architecture methodology for application development consists of a presentation layer (GUI), a business layer (Business logic), and a data layer (Business rules excluded). The ILE techniques used for the project include Prototypes, Procedures, Service Programs, Binding Directories.

This presentation will also demonstrate how to create and utilize prototypes, procedures, service programs, and binding directories.

The examples contained herein are taken from a major mortgage company’s proprietary source code and will not contain the GUI and business logic layers.

Ric Slaten is a Senior Software Systems Engineer at Countrywide Home Loans with over 23 years of software development experience. He started in the industry developing on IBM mainframes using programming languages such as COBOL and Assembler. The last 8+ years he has developed software on IBM midrange systems using RPG III and RPG IV. He is an IBM Certified Specialist as an AS/400 RPG IV Programmer and AS/400 RPG IV Developer. Career highlights include saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars with original software and tools, pioneering the use of ILE components in software development projects, acting as a corporate RPG instructor and consistently providing innovative technological solutions to business problems.

e-mail address is: richard_slaten@countrywide.com



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