September 2002 Monthly Meeting

September 17, 2002

 Top 10 Mega-Issues in IT 

 Presented by

Bob Tipton 

As we look past the "technology gluttony" of the previous 4 or 5 years, our abilities to provide the right IT at the right time to support our businesses has never been more critical, or more difficult.  Issues like quick ROI, the post- dot.bomb e-Business era, the chronic crisis in finding, developing and retaining qualified staff, the evolution of wireless Internet, the evolution of application development technologies and the need to transform our data resources into knowledge tools, cause the average IT manager many sleepless nights!

This session is designed to bring awareness of the major issues facing the CIOs of today, AND brings a dose of reality toward providing solutions to these issues. We'll take a look at indicators in the industry, add some common sense, and help bring some sanity to charting an IT direction for the future.


Bob Tipton has nearly 25 years of experience in assisting businesses to 
develop and implement strategies and technologies designed to transform their organizations. During this time, he has held various roles -- including CEO of his own organizational development and IT consulting business, the CIO of a $1B+ distribution company (part of International Multifoods), SVP / managing director for the integrated marketing group within SBI and Company, VP of corporate capabilities and communications for SBI and Company, SVP of marchFIRST's Western North American Group, global vice president of industry technology for marchFIRST, CTO of Whittman-Hart, and years spent "in the trenches" developing and supporting IT systems.

He is also a popular and entertaining speaker on both technical and 
non-technical subjects, and speaks each year to several computer user 
groups, conferences and conventions around the world. His speaking style has earned him numerous best speaker awards for international business groups, conventions and seminars. His presentations relate mostly to business transformation, organizational development, executive IT awareness and IT planning, IT strategies, networking and future technologies. His reputation for insightful observations and critical analysis keeps him in demand for speaking assignments and strategic consulting engagements for major corporations and information technology vendors alike.

Additionally, for the past 23 years, he has been an active writer and 
author. He is currently the chief advisory consultant and opinion 
columnist for IT Consultant (a magazine, website and weekly newsletter supporting the IT consulting market), and he has written more than 200 articles for various IT-related trade journals. Further, he wrote a book related to database implementations, and a chapter for IBM's recent Book, "The Business Case for e-Business." Additionally, he has written more than 15 white papers related to IT and business transformation issues, and has been fortunate enough to receive numerous awards for his writing (including the Award of Achievement and Award of Merit) from the Society for Technical Communications. Finally, he is a past president of the Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals, and a professional member of the National Speakers Association.

        Bob Tipton email: rstipton@att.net





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