July 2002 Monthly Meeting

July 16, 2002

 V5.2, iSeries Hardware, and the IBM CustomTechnology Center

 Presented by

Holly Caskey and Mark Even of IBM

Holly Caskey with IBM in Fort Worth will do a review of the April announcements for iSeries hardware and V5.2   

Mark Even is with the IBM iSeries Custom Technology Center (iCTC) in Rochester.  The iCTC is an extension of the iSeries Development Laboratory.  It assists customers and business partners in developing and enhancing Iseries business applications.  iCIC experts integrate the latest iSeries technologies with existing applications to help customers leverage their application investments and extend them into new areas such as e-business.

The iCTC helps with all phases of application development - from architecture and design to development and implementation.  The iCTC has proven reusable software components available which greatly shorten the development cycle and ensure high quality solutions.  Customers and business partners worldwide have worked with the iCTC to deliver core business applications that are optimized for an iSeries environment.

Custom Technology Center website:

          Holly Caskey  Biography

          Mark Even Biography

         Holly Caskey email: hcaskey@us.ibm.com 

         Mark Even email: even@us.ibm.com 




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