June 2002 Monthly Meeting

June 18, 2002

   Revitalization of iSeries Legacy Applications 

Presented by

Joe Pluta of Pluta Brothers Design, Inc.

Revitalization is an architecture designed to make your existing legacy applications user interface independent. By modifying your applications to use the web browser as your user interface, your programs can be run in batch. Programs modified this way no longer contribute to the interactive workload, and therefore they can be run on machines with a much smaller interactive CPW rating.

How can this benefit your company ?  In two distinct ways: by reducing your hardware and software costs, and by providing you stepping-stone to true client/server development without the costs associated with a high learning curve.

 As an example, take a model 820-2395 processor with a 35CPW interactive feature.  This machine costs $ 39,400.  The same machine with a 120CPW interactive feature costs $ 119, 400 - over three times the cost! Not only that, the larger machine is in the P20 software tier, as opposed to P10 for the smaller machine.  Depending on which licensed products you need, this can be a significant savings as well.

That's the sort-term tactical advantage.  The longer-term strategic advantage is that by implementing revitalization you will begin the process of redeploying your applications as true client/server systems. This means that no matter what new technologies arise, from new interfaces like wireless devices to new network strategies such as B2B portals, your applications will be poised to take advantage of them.

The end result of revitalization is simple.  You give your users a graphical interface with little cost to you, while creating an infrastructure that will allow you to extend your applications into the future.  You take advantage of the strengths of your programmers, since your applications initially can remain almost unchanged, while providing a foundation that allows you to write completely new applications without the baggage of the old 5250 interface.

It's truly the best of all possible worlds, and the first step is repeating the interactive tax.

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