May 2002 Monthly Meeting

May 21, 2002

   Architecting and Extending iSeries Applications for

 Web, Wireless, & XML

Presented by
Eamon Musallam 

This session will provide an overview of how to extend existing iSeries RPG and COBOL applications with the latest Internet technologies. Different user interface technologies will be covered and also how XML can be implemented for B2B integration and data interchange. Different architectures and methodologies will be presented and discussed. The speaker will explain how to leverage the most out of the iSeries for providing end users with easy access to applications anytime and anyplace. An overview of the tools available to implement these technologies will also be covered.

The following topics will be addressed:

How to take advantage of existing RPG/COBOL code without having to start again in Java.
What tools are available for Web, wireless and XML development with the iSeries.
Getting the benefits of the Web without the long Java learning curve.
The 6 laws of e-business and how to address them
Approaches to ensuring optimal security for iSeries applications.


          Eamon Musallam

    Eamon has extensive experience working in the iSeries environment and specializes in application modernization strategies to help customers extend   applications to the Web and to Windows environments. His significant experience in the iSeries and Internet arenas has positioned him as a frequent speaker at regional and international IBM user group events, COMMON, Gartner Group Conferences and IBM Lunch & Learn and Webcast events.

Eamon is a Product Manager with LANSA Inc. He has worked at LANSA for eight years and is currently based out of LANSA’s Irvine, CA office.

Eamon has also been a contributor to major industry publications, including NEWS/400 and AS/400 Technology SHOWCASE.