April 2002 Monthly Meeting

April 16, 2002

Web Enabling Legacy Applications

Presented by
Randy Smith of e.Solutions Consulting 

e-Business is more than just "e-technology". It's about business vision.  The key to e-business is to making e-business priorities the same as your business priorities.  Most successful e-businesses are partnerships between managers and I.T. managers.

It pays to integrate e-business with your core operations from the start, leveraging business proven systems you already have and ensuring that customer service and accounting are consistent across all the business units.

                     Randy Smith's Presentation Abstract 

Professional Summary:

Randy has over 26 years of business, management and technical experience in the Information Technology industry and more than 29 years of people, business and financial experience within several major industries.

e.Business Summary:

For over 12 years, he has provided Electronic Business (E-Business) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) project planning and management, developed E-Business strategies, and implemented complete E-Business/EDI business solutions for organizations throughout the United States and internatinally.

He has managed large and small Electronic Business initiatives/projects, performed E-Business evaluations, E-Business/EDI software evaluation, business applications integration. 

He has also established communications/network requirements and connectivity and implemented and supported more than 650 customers world-wide using a wide 
variety of translators, operating systems, and hardware
platforms across a wide range of industries:

Advertising, Aerospace, Agriculture/Farming, Apparel, 
Automotive, Banking, Brokers, Communications

Distribution Education, Entertainment, Farming, 
Grocery, Government, Health Care, Insurance

International, Manufacturing, Petroleum, 
Pharmaceuticals, Publishing, Retail, Shipping

Transportation, Wholesale, Utilities

       Education and Background:

      Randy received his Bachelor of Science degree in Information 
     Systems and Business Administration from Pittsburg State

     Assisted in requirements definition, specifications and 
     development of two major IBM E-Business/EDI translation
     software products.

      Email: Rsmith@nims.net