March 2002 Monthly Meeting

March 19, 2002

What is the Capability Maturity Model  (CMM) 

and is it right for you ?

Presented by
Herb Dorf 

With today’s downsizing trends and the constant search for an ROI, things have to change in software development. The Software Engineering Institute tells us that the Capability Maturity Model is the answer. Can going through the effort to obtain level 2 or 3 of CMM be worth the cost? We will discuss what CMM is / is not, and how it can benefit a company. Also we will address what commitments have to be made to make it a success and worthwhile. There is no silver bullet approach that works. CMM is not a step by step guide, but a proposed framework to follow. Each company has a need for process improvement, and by understanding what CMM is, then tailoring it, projects can change for the better.


Herb Dorf has been in the IT industry for over 20 years.  He has held a variety of positions including VP of Technology, Senior Project Manager, Senior Analyst, consultant and developer.  During his career he has been responsible for multi-million dollar projects, budgets, and turnaround situations. Herb has also been an adjunct professor teaching college level IT courses.  Herb was trained and certified at the Software Engineering Institute on the Capability Maturity Model, and was responsible for bringing a development shop to CMM level 3 compliance within 15 months.  He takes a holistic approach to managing IT projects by incorporating business strategies, project management, process management (CMM), and technical skills into one cohesive unit.


        Email:  hdorf@attbi.com





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