January 2002 Monthly Meeting

January 15, 2002

Perspective on Fall 2001 COMMON, V5R1

 and the Future of the iSeries

Presented by
Kendall Kinnear of Clear Technologies

While attending COMMON, Kendall focused on Performance and Systems Management topics. This presentation is a review of several items that have changed in those areas over the last few releases and their impact on the iSeries.  Also included are some cool new functions in V5R1 and a look at some things that will be happening to the iSeries in the near future. 


Kendall Kinnear is a Solutions Architect for Clear Technologies in Dallas, Texas. Kendall has 27 years of experience  in the IBM midrange, from the System/3 through through the System/34 and System/38, to the iSeries server.  He brings substantial experience from his tenure at companies like IBM, EDS, StorageTek, and Jack Henry and Associates.  He has experience as a Systems Programmer, Systems Analyst, System Engineer, Systems Administrator, Application Programmer, Application Designer, educator, and speaker.  He has coauthored the iSeries Handbook and System Builder for IBM since V4R2.

Contact Information:

O. Kendall Kinnear
Solutions Architect

Clear Technologies, Inc.
1199 South Beltline Road, Suite 120
Coppell, TX  75019

Phone:  972-529-4578
Fax:       972-529-4543
Mobile:  469-360-4070