September 2001 Monthly Meeting

September 18, 2001

RPG IV Enhancements for V5R1

The latest version of OS/400, V5R1, was the largest release IBM’s ever had for the iSeries. Fortunately, IBM recognizes the continuing popularity of RPG and made some exciting improvements in the language that will make it even more powerful. This session will cover these enhancements:

Free-form Calcs – this sure isn’t your father’s RPG! It’s amazing how much easier this code is to read!
New Built-in Functions – IBM added numerous functions to RPG IV and the list is much longer now.
Improved Error Handling – say goodbye to *PSSR and INFSR!
Run-time File Control – work in a dynamic environment? Most of us do! You won’t need all those CL or QCMDEXC calls anymore!
Java Support – some of us are working with Java. IBM’s made it a little easier to integrate it with RPG.

Throughout the presentation examples will be used to demonstrate how these enhancements will improve the readability, maintainability and power of your code.

Come get excited about RPG all over again!


Barry Diehl is the Secretary for our user group. He's worked in the IT industry for over 21 years and is a software developer at Perot Systems. Barry has a BBA in Data Processing from the University of Texas at Austin and an MS in Computer Information Systems from Boston University

You can contact Barry Diehl at Perot Systems.