February 2001 Monthly Meeting

February 20, 2001

Greg Veal Puts the "Popcorn"

in Message Handling

If you’re interested in learning about AS/400 message handling in an entertaining format, don’t miss our special “double feature” presentation at the February 20th meeting.  OK, so they’re not really movies! But, CL expert and author, Greg Veal, uses graphical techniques to help you understand how AS/400 message handling really works.

The first “flick”, “AS/400 Message Handling – the Movie”, covers important message handling basics including: the Job Message Queue, Sending and Receiving Messages, Basic Error Handling, Interpreting MSGDTA and SENDER data, and Break-Handling Programs.

After intermission, we’ll enjoy a showing of Greg’s medal-winning COMMON presentation, “AS/400 Message Handling – the Sequel”.  In this advanced, silver screen attraction, Greg uses more graphical techniques and lots of CL & DDS code examples to give you insight into how message handling makes the AS/400 tick. Among other fascinating techniques, you’ll learn about the “Miracle” of Request Processing, how to write a standardized Error Handling Program that always works, and how to run impromptu commands in batch (or in any other) jobs. (It’s all done with Mirrors Messages!)

So, get yourself some Jujubes and popcorn and join the fun!


Greg Veal

Greg Veal has more than twenty-six years experience as an information technology professional including nineteen years on the IBM System/38 and AS/400.  He has participated in all facets of the application development life cycle and holds two professional certifications: a Certified Systems Professional certification from ICCP (Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals) and a Project Management Professional certification from PMI (Project Management Institute).

Greg has taught classes on RPG and CL programming, SQL, AS/400 work management, performance, security, and AS/400 application and database design. As an author and technical editor for Midrange Magazine, he has published numerous articles pertaining to AS/400 programming and system management and authored the popular text, CL Programming for the AS/400.  Greg has lectured widely in the US and Australia on many aspects of AS/400 application development and management.  He is a regular speaker at the COMMON national conferences at which he volunteers as the SME (Subject Matter Expert) for the Business Intelligence course of study.

Currently, Greg is a consultant headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, and spends most of his time architecting Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions for the AS/400.