January 2001 Monthly Meeting

January 16, 2000

Creating Superior e-Business Environments

 Through Legacy Application Integration

In the new economy, businesses that are creating a viable online business are struggling with bridging the gap between new Web applications and mission-critical applications that reside on back-end systems.  It can be a costly and cumbersome undertaking to integrate these systems.

How can you quickly and easily make legacy applications interact with portals and electronic storefronts? How do you leverage key business functionality already built in your host applications for fast implementation in new e-business environments? From XML to COM and beyond, the standards, protocols and techniques available for e-business initiatives continue to expand and evolve, leaving developers with many issues to consider when implementing mission-critical e-business initiatives that exploit existing legacy applications.

This session will introduce the tools and techniques for mining legacy transactions for use in new e-business applications and for legacy integration into collaborative commerce portals and digital supply chains. Attendees will learn the various ways of integrating existing legacy systems with modernized front-end Web applications. Deployment considerations related to XML, COM and Java interfaces, such as using these languages to link more systemic enterprise application integration offerings to core business systems, will also be discussed.


Ardy Franssen

Ardy Franssen has 14 years of experience in the technology industry, including nine years with SEAGULL.  Ms. Franssen was the first employee of SEAGULL following the founders.  She began her career in Holland as a Unix trainer and consultant for Northern Telecom Data Systems and moved on to a similar role at Proface.  Before joining SEAGULL in 1991, Ms. Franssen was in sales at Progress Software.  Her role at SEAGULL has included consulting for AS/400 ERP implementation, managing indirect sales channels for EMEA and Asia Pacific, and her current role of product manager for application integration.

Ms. Franssen moved to the Americas headquarters of SEAGULL in 1999.  She is fluent in Dutch, German and English.