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01/15/08 SQL Procedures and Functions, Please Kevin Forsythe


SQL Procedures and Functions, Please   
11/20/07 Architecting Moderization & How to be an IT Survivor Trevor Perry    
10/16/07 DB2 Web Query Product Review Colin Hendricks of IBM    
09/18/07 Data Encryption Patrick Townsend Data Encryption  
07/17/07 Websphere for Dummies - 1.25 hours Al Grega   Websphere for Dummies
06/19/07 Be 'GUI ready' developing in RPG Robert Arce of PrismaTech, Inc. Be 'GUI ready' developing in RPG  
05/15/07 i5 Announcement Overview Doug Fulmer of Clear Technologies    
04/17/07 Advanced Concepts
Michael Daly of KS2 Technologies, Inc. Advanced Concepts
03/20/07 Getting Started with IBM HTTP Server Powered by Apache
and CGI
Chris Adair Getting Started with IBM HTTP Server Powered by Apache and CGI  

RPG & the IFS
Web Services from RPG & HTTPAPI

Scott Klement

Meet PHP !

Matt Thompson What is PHP ?  

Web Services for the System i

Dan Shinedling, Jr.
of KS2 Technologies
     Web Services for the System i

Using Java to Extend Your Knowledge of the iSeries

Greg Helton
of Countryside Mortgage

Unit  Testing RPG ILE Procedures


 Maximum Speed

Robert Arce
of PrismaTech, Inc.
RPG-ILE Maximum Speed  
07/18/06 WDSc: The Remote System Explorer Alison Butterill of IBM    
06/20/06 SOA - Not Just Another TLA ! Trevor Perry of Clear Technologies   Trevor's Links 
05/12/06 Sustainable IT Compliance Randy Brasche of
 Active Reasoning
Sustainable IT Compliance    
04/18/06 Work Management on the iSeries  Tom Huntington  of Help/Systems        
03/24/06 Web Technologies and Web Development Tools Don Yantzi of IBM Toronto   Web Tools
Files and Documentation
03/21/06 Meet the New IBM System i5 ! Anna Sue Parker
of IBM
02/21/06 What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You Paul Culin of BSafe Security Solutions        
01/17/06 How to Build a Better You Bryan Dodge        
11/15/05 Beyond the Traditional Design, Usage & Configuration of the iSeries Bob Marion 
Perot Systems
Beyond the Traditional Design, Usage & Configuration of the iSeries         
10/18/05 iSeries Access for Web Don Adams & Michael Daly
of KS2 Technologies
iSeries Access for Web   
09/20/05 iSeries GUI Debugger Chris Adair GUI Debugger GUI Debugger
07/19/05 Performance Tuning Stupidity ! Trevor Perry      
06/21/05 eServer Studio Development (IDE)
IBM WebSphere
MS VisualStudio.Net
Norman Seaton      
05/17/05 Bullet-Proof Programming To Simplify Your RPGLE Life Worth Holmes      
04/19/05 Jump-Start Embedded SQL into RPG Robert Arce
Founder of PrismaTech, Inc.
Jump-Start Embedded SQL into RPG       
03/15/05 Web Service Enablement made easy on the iSeries Michael Willoughby
CIO of PFSweb
02/15/05 eServer i5 and i5/OS,
Today and Tomorrow
Kendall Kinnear 
of Clear Technologies
     eServer i5
01/18/05 A New Year - Time For A New You !! Starlett Dotson      
11/16/04 Using the iSeries to Send HTML Formatted Email Raymond Everhart 
RAECO Design
10/19/04 Single Sign-on in a Single Day Jack Mc Afee
Single Sign-on in a Single Day   
09/21/04 Integrate. Automate. eXLerateTM
Eric Kuefler, KS2 Technologies, Inc.  Integrate. Automate. eXLerateTM SQL in Excel
SQL in Excel w Combo boxes 
07/20/04 Dynamic User Interface Environment Modernization and Beyond
Tom Herman of looksoftware, Inc.   looksoftware
link to 3 PDF
including Butler Report
06/15/04 Business Case for
iSeries & Websphere
John Quarentello 
of IBM
    iSeries & WebSphere
05/18/04 Paradox of Data Storage
Tim Kormos of LXI Corporation Paradox of Data Storage     
04/20/04 Get to Know Wi-Fi Cameron Crum of Dot11 Networks      
03/16/04 WebSphere Development Studio
Live Demonstration
Doug Fulmer and Don Yantzi 
of IBM


02/17/04 Introduction to Messaging & Queuing using IBM WebSphere MQ David Siemek 
 Baker and Cook Software
01/20/04 SQLfrom the Trenches Robert Arce of PrismaTech SQL from the Trenches   
11/18/03 Why SQL ? 
Why NOW ?
Raymond Everhart    Why SQL ? 
Why NOW ?
10/21/03 Web Enablement with iSeries Access Sabrina Welch of IBM       
09/16/03 A Guide to Project Management Kathy Armstrong  Project Management   
07/15/03 Websphere  Raymond Everhart      
06/17/03 The Value and Future of the iSeries Trevor Perry of Look Software      
05/20/03 Writing CGI Applications with Perl David Mount of Texas400 Computer Consulting Perl on the iSeries Perl Idiosyncrasies
04/15/03 Websphere & Webfacing Raymond Everhart  Websphere & Webfacing   
03/18/03 Free Form RPG James Low of Countryside Home Loans Free Form RPG     
02/18/03 Maximize ROI from Your Disaster Recovery Solution Rob Humbach of Lakeview Technologies    ROI & Disaster Recovery
01/21/03 Data Warehousing What You Should Know Before You Begin Bill Langston of New Generation Software      Data Warehousing
11/19/02 Unit Test Scripts for ILE RPG Procedures
Greg Helton of Countrywide Home Loans Unit Test Scripts for ILE RPG Procedures    
10/15/02 ILE Component Programming Reference Ric Slaten of Countrywide Home Loans ILE Component Programming Reference        
09/17/02 Top 10 Mega-issues of IT Bob Tipton Top Ten IT Issues     
07/16/02 IBM V5.R2, iSeries Hardware, and the Custom Technology Center Holly Caskey and Mark Even of IBM.    CTC
06/18/02 Revitalization of Legacy Applications  Joe Pluta of Pluta Brothers Design, Inc.         
05/21/02 Architecting and Extending iSeries Applications for Web, Wireless, and XML Eamon Musallam of Lansa, Inc.       
04/16/02 Web Enabling Legacy Applications  Randy Smith       
03/19/02 What is the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) ?  Herb Dorf       
02/19/02 GUI Tips for Legacy Applications  Trevor Perry of Look Software       
01/15/02 COMMON, V5R1, Future of iSeries Kendall Kinnear of Clear Technologies      
11/20/01 Why We Don't Just All Get Along John Gann of The Pinnacle Corporation       
10/16/01 New Software Development Tools and Skills Ron Jones of Genesis Software        
9/18/01 RPG IV Enhancements for V5R1 Barry Diehl of Perot Systems  RPG IV for V5R1     
8/21/01 e-commerce/e-business Ben Olsen of
   e-Business iSeries
7/17/01 B2B Computing John Quarentello of IBM      
6/19/01 Implementing A Security Policy  Jim Straka Exit Points/Programs 
and Policy
5/15/01 IBM eServer ISeries - V5R1 Announcement Overview  Holly Caskey of IBM      
4/17/01 Resource Leveling Made Easy in MS Project   Ken Frei Resource Leveling    
3/20/01 Style Sheets,RPG ILE,Macro Baselines Barry Diehl, Robert Arce, Ken Frei Style Sheets   
2/20/01 Message Handling Greg Veal iSeries Message Handling   
1/16/01 Creating Superior e-Business Environments through Legacy Application Integration Ardy Franssen,

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