Kendall Kinnear of Clear Technologies

Kendall Kinnear is a Solutions Architect for Clear Technologies in Dallas, Texas. Kendall has 27 years of experience  in the IBM midrange, from the System/3 through through the System/34 and System/38, to the iSeries server.  He brings substantial experience from his tenure at companies like IBM, EDS, StorageTek, and Jack Henry and Associates.  He has experience as a Systems Programmer, Systems Analyst, System Engineer, Systems Administrator, Application Programmer, Application Designer, educator, and speaker.  He has coauthored the iSeries Handbook and System Builder for IBM since V4R2.

Contact Information:

O. Kendall Kinnear
Solutions Architect

Clear Technologies, Inc.
1199 South Beltline Road, Suite 120
Coppell, TX  75019

Phone:  972-529-4578
Fax:       972-529-4543
Mobile:  469-360-4070


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