John Gann

Manager, Human Resource Solutions
The Pinnacle Corporation, Arlington, TX
3200 Browning Court
Ft. Worth, TX 76111

817/759-9966 Fax

John Gann is the Manager of Human Resource Solutions for The Pinnacle Corporation, a leading supplier of automation technology software to the convenience store and petroleum industries. Pinnacle software is used in over 10,000 locations across the United States. Pinnacle’s Corporate headquarters are in Arlington, Texas with offices in LaPorte, Indiana and Orlando, Florida. John develops tools for use in employee hiring, training, and retention and provides consulting in the areas of Human Resource and Training & Documentation for companies across the United States and Europe.

Today John will be speaking on "Why We Just Don’t All Get Along" to help each of us do a better job of understanding and working with the people around us.


  Last modified Tuesday, October 23, 2001