Joe Pluta of Pluta Brothers Design, Inc.

Joe Pluta is the founder and chief architect of Pluta Brothers Design, Inc.  He has been working in the field since the late 1970's, and has made a career of extending the IBM midrange, starting back in the days of the IBM System/3.  Joe has worked with a variety of companies, from small entrepreneurial startups to large software houses, and each experience has given him an opportunity to extend the capabilities of the IBM midrange platform just a little more.

International Harvester recruited Joe to implement the first nationwide distributed application using the fledgling personal computer as a remote terminal for System/38 applications.  This application provided remote database maintenance, data entry, transaction validation and reporting, all years before the World Wide Web made such things commonplace.

Joe's next development effort was at System Software Associates.  As Manager of Architecture, Joe designed and led the development of the first true client/server applications making use of a graphical client running on IBM's OS/2 operating system and communicating with the AS/400.  This project, over three million lines of code delivered in multiple languages simultaneously, extended the envelope of thick-client distributed applications far beyond anything ever before attempted in the industry.

At the end of the 1990's, Joe was instrumental in helping AS/400 users meet the Y2K challenge.  He designed the RPG remediation portion of the very successful Focus/2000 product from Nexgen Software Technologies.  Joe realized that the answer to the Y2K problem was not massive amounts of error-prone manual labor.  Instead, an effort of this size demanded automation, and, through a sophisticated template driven design, Focus/2000 was able to provide better than 99% automatic conversion of its target applications.

Since then, Joe's focus has been on Java, and especially on using Java and WebSphere to create a graphical interface for existing AS/400 legacy systems.  Joe has been writing and speaking on this topic in trade publications, at COMMON and other user groups, and online since the late 90's, and he has developed a powerful and flexible software infrastructure designed to support this architecture.  This infrastructure is the core upon which Pluta Brothers Design has been built.  


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