Holly Caskey of IBM

Holly Caskey started with IBM in 1980 as a Data Processing Systems Engineer Trainee in Bartlesville, OK supporting Phillips Petroleum in the area of Communications.  She picked up support of Phillips' sixteen 5520's and sixty Displaywriters.

Moved to Las Colinas (Williams Square) in 1984 and became a 5520 Technical Specialist supporting 5520 and the Office products (DISOSS, 8100 DOSD, 5520 and Displaywriter) nationwide.

Moved to Fort Worth as an Office Specialist supporting all    products, on MVS, VM, S/38, S/36 and Displaywriter.  Joined the Forth Worth Customer Center when the AS/400 was announced in June 1988 and assisted with promoting the roll-out.  Later became an AS/400 Specialist on the ImagePlus products.

Moved from an SE role to Sales Specialist in 1996 for the AS/400 supporting client teams and business partners. Became Senior AS/400 Specialist in 1998 supporting Finance, Banking and Insurance industries.

Currently, Senior iSeries Specialist for Finance, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Transportation industries.

Email:  hcaskey@us.ibm.com



  Last modified Saturday, July 27, 2002